Who We Are

 The iOS Coders are a group of enthusiasts that meet regularly to discuss all aspects of writing iOS apps. Our primary purpose is to develop relationships with other iOS coders in the North Suburbs of Chicago.

 We have members at all levels of experience interested in helping each other get started or improve their skills. We also discuss marketing and ways to pass App Store reviews.

Our meetings are casual and we spend a lot of time getting to know new members. All of our members write iOS apps for the fun of it. Some of us are professional programmers. Others are self-taught hobbyists  Most commonly, members have experience with other programming languages and wish to start writing iOS apps.

What We Do

 We bring our iOS devices and Macs to show stuff we’ve been working on. Someone usually prepares a half hour tutorial or demonstration. Most of the members bring questions or problems they need help with. We usually spend a lot of time talking about how to help each other with these things.

 Material discussed is stored on the iOS Coders Meet Up site, but will be moved to a server or a Dropbox.

Resources and FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions are in the FAQ. Resources are currently on the iOS Coders Meet Up site.


The iOSCoders app is available for anyone in the group to work on. We try to use much of the iOS framework as possible to make it the most comprehensive learning tool possible.
We currently meeting the last Tuesday of every month in Libertyville and the second Tuesday of every month in Bannockburn. Usually about 4-6 people attend. We have space for up to 8 attendees. Details are on the iOS Coders Meet Up site.
Embedded Apps
The app has a space for “applets”, basically an icon that will run an app inside itself. It’s a good place for you to showcase your work or help others with theirs. Of course, you are free to put your standalone app on the App Store as well.

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